Our customer Cirnapro designs metal and plastic parts for the mechanical engineering industry in lot sizes 1-200 and has integrated a Markforged 3D printer into its manufacturing processes to complement its production.

Especially the possibility to reinforce with carbon and glass fibre opens up a whole new production spectrum for the company!

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“Minimum lot size, set-up and coating costs for a metal hinge have been reduced. Functions that were only available with several individual components could be integrated into one component! – says mechanical engineer and toolmaker Hans-Joachim Englert.

The costs saved could be invested in a new milling machine – further proof that 3D printing perfectly complements conventional manufacturing, but does not replace it.

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Which continuous fibre is suitable for which applications? How do I design correctly for filament 3D printing? What do users say and where can I find more information? – This is the right place for you! We listed some information leading you directly to the matching answers.

Composite Design Guide

DfAM – How do you design your part best for 3D printing with composites? In this guide you will get valuable tips for design and material selection.

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3D printing in production

This free guide serves as a source of information for engineers and contractors who want to integrate a 3D printer into their manufacturing process.

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3D Printing vs. CNC Machining

The two production technologies each have various benefits and drawbacks, and this article identifys the applications which best benefit from one or the other.

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